Menu. Seafood and mediterranean cuisine on the beach

Xup, xup Restaurant offers exquisite seafood on the beachfront based on a fresh interpretation of the traditional Mediterranean recipes. Succulent sea-flavored specialties such as rice broths, paellas, fresh fish and seafood plus a wide variety of innovative tapas combine perfectly with an accurate selection of wines and a more than tempting assortment of homemade desserts.

In our homemade and creative cuisine we prioritize quality of ingredients above all things. Local, fresh and seasonal products with designation of origin provide a unique flavor to our dishes. Our initiative is to promote local products and the closeness of designations of origin in order to support our environment and to enhance the quality of service from our suppliers.


  • Iberian ham croquettes 9,3€
  • Bomba de La Barceloneta (Stuffed fried potato ball) 7,9€
  • Patatas bravas (fried potato with hot sauce) 8,5€
  • Cod fritters with tomato preserves 11,5€
  • Artichoke millefeuille with foie gras and cane honey 11,9€
  • Premium Iberian ham 20,9€
  • Fried calamari, european squids and whitebait platter 19,9€
  • Potato with free-range chicken eggs, surimi eels and prawns 11,9€
  • Grilled red prawn flambéed with tequila 15,5€
  • Mussels à la marinière 12€
  • Fried octopus with creamy potatoes and paprika oil 12,9€
  • Tuna tataki with ponzu sauce 12,9€
  • Sauteed vegetables with mushrooms and tofu 9,9€
  • Cod salad with lamb’s lettuce and miso vinaigrette 11,9€
  • Goat cheese salad with red fruits and honey vinaigrette 12,9€


  • Homemade rolls (1 piece) 1,8€
  • Toasted bread with “allioli” (garlic sauce) (4 pieces) 2,9€
  • Toasted bread with “allioli” (garlic sauce) (4 pieces) 2,9€


  • Paella à la marinière (with fish and seafood) 19,5€
  • Mixed paella (whit meat, fish and seafood) 18,9€
  • Black rice with asparagus and clams 18,5€
  • Vegetables rice dish with shiitake mushrooms and romesco sauce 16,9€
  • Rice with cod and gratinated “allioli” (catalan sauce) 19,5€
  • Monkfish rice broth 19,9€
  • Octopus rice casserole 17,9€
  • Fideuà (noodle paella) with shrimps and clams 18,5€

Price per person / Minimum two persons


  • Gilt-head Bream with rice and shrimp curry 17,5€
  • Salmon teriyaki with seasonal vegetables 16,5€
  • Codfish with creamy potatoes and truffle tapenade oil 18,5€
  • Donostia-style turbot with “escalibada” (grilled vegetables) 19,9€


  • Grilled skirt steak with potatoes, rosemary and algae “chimichurri” (Argentinean garlic sauce) 14,5€
  • Iberian pork fillet with pear tartare and mustard vinaigrette 15,5€
  • Roast beef with potatoes au gratin and Oporto sauce 15,9€


  • Catalan crème brûlée 6€
  • Green tea tiramisú 6,5€
  • Cheesecake with strawberry coulis 6,5€
  • Coulant with chocolate crumble and hazelnut ice cream 6,5€
  • Pineapple carpaccio with coconut ice cream and mint syrup 6,5€
  • Homemade ice cream: Vanilla, Coconut, Hazelnut, Lemon, Strawberry and chocolate 6€

10% surcharge on the terrace · 0.60€ service at the table

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